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Back to School-Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Going back to school is going to be trying and difficult for any educator or student. There are so many facets that you need to train your brain to just accept and roll with the punches.

Social Distancing

This is new and really hard to manage. Think about students coming back from summer and they finally get to see their best friends again; it is your responsibility to contain their excitement and be the one to tell them they cannot hug, high five, or show their excitement in a physical manner. Students, for the most part, are excited, but there is still fear lingering. Most want to embrace each other but you also have to realize that everyone is vulnerable and they may feel very put off by sitting in a classroom surrounded by people when there is still an epidemic going on worldwide. Let's also remember that individuals do have social anxiety and put in this new situation is even more stressful so we really need to acknowledge that and be empathetic to the fact that focusing on learning is more difficult when these mental, emotional, and social stressors are prevalent at all times.


One day at a time. You want to plan for the entire week, but with all the different restrictions with spacing and equipment added to the social and emotional ups and downs, you need to plan your next lesson based on how today's lesson panned out. Just be ready to completely reinvent or adjust lessons that cater to the student's needs, desires, and readiness.

Focus on happiness before instruction. With the year winding down, your class really needs you more than ever to be empathetic. Give your students a voice and see how they think class and content delivery would be beneficial for them.

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