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The importance of Creative Play

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Inspired Creativity

When kids create their own play they aren't just engaging in activity that helps them move and get outside and get some exercise. They are also growing up, maturing and making calculated decisions. By creating games with friends, they are thinking outside the box and getting their innovative juices flowing. Not only are they becoming innovators but they are also collaborating with friends and peers. The concept of CP opens so many doors for kids and their ideas. Creating play has not only developed kids who love to play but artists, musicians, philosophers, etc. Creative being the keyword is why kids who create their own games are more apt to participate in creative activities and develop interests in creating things and thinking "how can we make this absolutely awesome?".

Building yourself and relationships

Play of any kind is a great place for kids to make friends and learn how to interact with one another. However, in the environment of creation, kids really get to speak their minds and get the experience of bouncing ideas of one another. This is the space where they really grow as thinkers and helpers. Creating rules and desired outcomes need to be discussed and influences group decision-making. This gives the experience of agreeing and disagreeing but disagreement comes with the opportunity to come up for a collective solution. Kids are awesome and their beautiful minds need to be given the opportunity to flower and flourish, welcome to the world of creative play.

Building Healthy Minds for the Future

Unstructured and creative play help mold young minds and help them aspire to find their passions and dreams. At young ages, a lot of things are laid out for us, which is great as it gives us the sensation of safety and structure. However, it can also be quite limiting in exploring the capabilities that our minds are capable of. Through game creation, students learn how to create and collaborate which are life skills that are essential to any job and any circumstance. The concept of working with others to create fosters an individual's ability to show empathy and gratitude at the same time as giving it and paying it forward. Creative play is not just a way to pass the time, it's an aspect of how young girls and boys become part of the positive human experience.

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