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PHE@HOME-Covering All Disciplines

I think we need to be careful how we present and differentiate our PHYSED lessons @ home. I think doing fitness videos where you are actively engaged and doing it with them is money. However, we need to remember that is only one facet on physical education and if we are doing fitness videos since day 1 of COVID19 then you are merely just teaching a very long fitness unit. Now don't get me wrong, movement and fitness super important right now especially with social distancing and online learning. However, I think we still need to treat PE as PE and still have a focus on cognitive development, creating relationships, finding passions, engaging in play, and collaborating on how to make our class effective and engaging.

Collaborative Play: Live sessions give us the opportunity to still do things like create a game and we can compete virtually. Yes you're losing that in person connection but it's so important to do class together or create an assignment where groups can compete and collaborate virtually in order to make a game.

Wellness: We need to be there for our students help them find their mental balance. It is so important that we acknowledge that these are trying times and let's come up with ways to deal with frustration, to deal with stress and separation anxiety, isolation anxiety.

Having Conversation: Once a week and just have a dialogue with your students. They are getting slammed at home with work and may need to just voice an opinion or to be heard in a relaxed environment. Show your vulnerability and go first and discuss something you are struggling with at home during this time of social distancing. If students see that you are dealing with similar frustrations they will be more inclined to share their experience good or bad with the class.

Again this is not a knock on doing live fitness sessions, because I think that is rad. We just need to make sure that we are addressing the WHOLE student and not just one aspect of physical education for an elongated period of time.

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