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Using a Hybrid of Curriculum Models in P.E. -The Ultimate Scope and Sequence

Updated: Mar 25, 2020


So I am currently enrolled in a Masters of Teaching at The University of Northern Colorado that has a focus on Master of Arts in Teaching Physical Education and Physical Activity Leadership. The premise of my degree is to learn and implement innovative ways to teach physical education, utilizing models such as TGFU, Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility Model, OAE(Outdoor Adventure Education) Sport Education Model, Cultural Studies Model, and the Health and Wellness Model. It has been one of the most informative classes I have ever been engaged in and huge shout out to Dr. Jamie McMullen (@DrJMcM). Dr. J will be on next weeks podcast so look forward to that.

So I wanted to discuss how to combine TGFU with TPSR AND The Sports Education Model. I want to provide you with hybrid scope and sequence of this.



  • Focus on student's ability to work together and overcome obstacles or find mutal solutions to in game situations.

  • Gives students to oppurtunity to get right into playing the game rather than drilling drilling drilling and maybe having one lesson to play the game.

  • Six Stages: (1) Game Play (2) Game Appreciation (3) Tactical Awareness (4)Decision- Making (5) Skill Practice (6) Game Play

This model is so clutch for social development especially at the younger levels. I love the fact that building tactics and decision making without the teacher providing "orders" is a key element.

Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility (TPSR)

  • It is our job as physical educators to teach students how to behave approriately in society and within their communities.

  • We can give them the tools to focus on the well-being of classmates as well as their own internal feelings.

  • Support is key! This is where students learn how to interact appropriately and ideally get to the point where they are taking intitiave to help others achieve their invidual goals as well as being inclusive to working as a team to reach class or group goals and benchmarks as a unit.

Sports Education Model (SE)

  • The purpose of this model is to provide students with enriched and authentic sports in all facets.

  • Students have the oppurtunity to be coaches, players, referees, and scorekeepers.

  • This model is key for situations such as tournaments to or in class round robins to avoid being stagnant for waiting for the next round.

  • It is also a fantastic way for students to really understand the rules of the game as they are fully immersed in all facets.


So this may seem slightly straight forward but if you look at the models they all have facets that blend and depend on each other. So if I was to do a volleyball unit, we can have the students dive right into games, immediately...sounds wild right? Wild is what makes PE so engaging, fresh, and fun. After the students dabble in the game based on TGFU standards and utilize the six standards, have them create their own rules on which are called social points. Example: if Max gives Jerry a high five they get an extra point if someone on the team is frustrated and another person is there for them and tells them what they are doing well and how we can work together to improve... I mean c'mon I should give that 100 points but for the sake of a realistic game, let's say 2 points. If a student on a winning or losing time shakes everyone on the opposing team's hand and compliments them on something they did well, they either get first serve next round of a tournament or addition point added to their next round from the beginning of the match.

I know this is a long post but it something I have dabbled a lot in and it makes these types of units super fun for students as it teaches them all the facets of these models and it is something very different from what they are used which creates smiles!

SHOUT TO DR. J for all the material, you're a rockstar.


Lund, J., & Tannehill, D. (2014). Standards-Based Physical Education Curriculum Development (3 edition). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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